The Emerging Trends In Plastic Injection Molding

Sathish Kumar
December 5, 2016


The plastic industry has come off time and is taking a new dimension with innovative advances in additives, polymers and not to forget the adoption of IoT in the manufacturing sector. Plastic is used in varied industries like automobiles, construction, textile and even the beauty industry is not spared with Spas in Chennai depending on plastic products for their business. Innovative plastics in use by varied industries have only gone to prove the significance of the material. gives all the information on how plastic is put to use in day to day business and its significance. It also talks about the emerging trends and how it will benefit mankind.

Lightweight plastic alternative to heavy metals
Many industries have moved from heavy metals to lightweight plastics and over a period of time, it will influence the way all the products are manufactured. Plastic resins and additives have changed the way of many manufacturing processes. Further with the improvement in product design, companies work in close coordination with resin suppliers and molders to seek unique formulation to meet their specific needs. Both small and large industries are witnessing a transformation with plastic slowly replacing metals.

The experiments in the automobile industry have gone a long way to impact other industries and now they are migrating to other products for durability. Plastic is part of many products like boots, helmets, etc. The construction industry is also not far behind in the race to embrace plastics into their day to day activities. Plastic components have replaced steel, wood and concrete. Recycled plastics are being used to construct bridges, building and railroads. There are tiny house projects also done exclusively using plastic building materials both in the interiors and exteriors. Instead of other roof shingles, plastics are used to make it a complete plastic home.


Robotics and automation
Factories are manufacturing robots that are adaptable and agile. These robots are equipped to be trained in varied tasks. Configuring the robot is an expensive proposition and is a design challenge. The processes are different for each production line. Modern robots have more flexibility and sophistication, thanks to the innovative polymers and resins. The robots are used to customize the manufacturing product. The future is in store for automated robotic processes and all this will depend on Purchase Activated Manufacturing relying completely on the robots. For instance, car manufactures like BMW give the customers the option to choose their car interiors, exteriors, upgrades and engines.

The three Rs
The plastic reclaiming process is being initiated at home and work. The increasing trend of recycling efforts has gone a long way in reclaiming and recovering waste materials. But the challenge lies in renewing the material without the use of bio-fossil fuel. Companies are taking a new diversion by looking for alternatives. Thermoset plastic used in automobile industry cannot be recycled hence companies are moving to alternatives like flax and soybeans. These come with the advantage of being structurally superior and are cost effective. Good news is that at the Harvard Wyss Institute researchers have developed biodegradable plastic using chitin, found in shrimp shells.

The advancement in resin enhanced automation and connectivity the future of plastic is bright. The advance use of plastics will continue in the future as it is cheaper and comes with fewer regulations.

Industrial Trade Show: How To Make It A Success!

Sathish Kumar
December 5, 2016

Trade Show can be organized for companies exclusively in a specific industry to demonstrate their latest products and services. It enables to know their industry partners, customers and be aware of competitors’ action. There are a lot of chances that the trade show can be canceled due to fewer audiences and success. Low-level minutiae and high-level strategy are the combinations of a trade show. In order To organize a trade show successfully you ought to have an ultimate goal. For instance, the evolution of gypsum partitions in Doha Qatar, has made several industries to venture into the market and promote their new ideas about Gypsum (a gray mineral comprising of hydrated calcium sulfate) based products.

Even the experts in the field of industrial research have given their opinion on sites like, that industries use trade show as a strategy to market and establish their product. Given below is the information required to help organize successful trade shows for industries in various sectors.

Do The Groundwork Before The Trade Show

It is very necessary to opt an appropriate stall particularly a place in the center of the room ca

Businessman with the Alternative choose

n attract more people. Some market research and benefit by attending other similar trade shows. Collect few prospects, meet industry leaders, check good recruiting prospects. Organize vendor presentation. Designing banners, handouts can buy more attention of the viewers. Plan to engage at least 3 people at the booth/stall. Decide a unique outlook for the booth. Endorse the trade show through media and publication with date, venue and product details. Packs of stationary, tools, medicines and synthetic/paper covers must be carried. Use comfortable shoes on the trade fair floor. However floor pads/carpets can also be used since people (sellers) in the booth would put up themselves for the whole day.

How To Present The Products And The Company On The Day Of Trade Show

Prefer standing in the stall than sitting. Standing is a pain, however, sitting shows you are not interested in the act there. Short summary to describe a product is a simple and effective strategy. This statement would say all about what a visitor or consumer needs to know about the product and uniqueness about the company. Get into the walkway and try maximum to attract and explain the viewers about the exclusive offers what you have for them in the booth. Be available for a demo and give them samples to know the product better. Samples may increase the buying possibilities. Raffles can be used as a strategy to bring up the crowd in the booth. Spread the word about the brand or name of the product, issue brochures to increase people showing up in the stall.

Post Trade Show Activities

Trail up with the viewers and remind them about your product since they have a lot of options when they are in a trade show. With demo and few trials, you can keep an outstanding option about the same. Recollect the interactions you had with each customer, their taste, and preference as learning, to hone your skills in the upcoming shows. Learn competitor’s/rival’s strengths and weaknesses that you observe from a viewer’s point. Improve selling strategy based on the experience faced in the fair. Considering the feedback from the targeted audiences to enhance the product quality and include features desired.

Looking For Structural Consultants In Chennai?

Sathish Kumar
November 9, 2016

misc-sf-2-hp-600x300The first thought that crosses your mind as you set out to have a building constructed from scratch, would be its durability.  A building is an asset in these times and needs to stand the test of time as well as withstand several natural calamities due to the global warming effect. This explains why a structural consultant is mandatory for commercial construction. A good structural engineer will ensure that your property is a sound investment and also works in coordination with the architect. The right number if columns, beams as well as the right design structure goes a long way to increasing the longevity of any building. Please check the following link for some more

Here are some tips to choose a structural engineer for your dream project:

  • render-extract-300x300Check educational qualifications
  • Check the status of the license registered in their name
  • Visit previous projects done by them, if possible hold a meeting with their previous clients
  • Check their references

There are several structural consultants in Chennai who satisfy this list if criteria. Professional education alone does not prove the worth of a structural engineer. Skills and experience play an important role as well. The structural engineer has to be well versed with the building construction codes of the area, before commencing any work. They should also be able to customize the designs produced by the architect without compromising on the ambiance and character of the completed project. Unless the engineer has sufficient technical knowledge this cannot be done without leaving the project at a disadvantage. Always keep in mind to choose only a registered structural engineer in order to avoid any legal disputes later on.

Before appointing a structural engineer, it is a good idea to make sure that they are aware of the construction material to be used according to the project usage and site of construction.  With the impact of global warming, an increase in flash floods, earthquakes as well as tornadoes has been noted. A qualified structural engineer will bear this mind before going ahead with the construction plans. An accomplished engineer need only supervise the ongoing work at the site to ensure that everything is going according to the plan. This also helps when certain alterations need to be made to accustom the construction to the site.

Being innovative is a talent that a good structural engineer should possess. Architects create a blueprint which has to be turned into a reality by the structural engineer. This can lead to a certain technical issue which is easily sorted by implementing innovative ideas as well as thinking out of the box. Previous projects completed by the structural engineer give us an idea of their work.  The handover date of the project is an important aspect to be kept in mind while choosing the right structural engineer for your project. A delay in the project completion could lead to a number of problems at the clients’ end including financial loss. The engineer has to be able to provide his guarantee of project completion within the agreed date by both parties unless due to certain conditions like material in availability, natural or manmade calamities and so on.